Dust Extraction System

Capture the dust at the source !

The most effective way of removing the dust from the working enviroment is to capture the dust at where it has been generated and immediately at the time it has been generated !

AAI provide complete range of dust extraction system, including different suction point connection, such as stationary suction hood, flexible suction arm, machine inlet connection  and etc.

We understand not all situation is similar, call us and we can advise and provide  customize solution to meet your requirement.

Central Vacuum System

Provide safe working environment with vacuum cleaning !

High suction vacuum and suction airflow house vacuum system provide your worker with high efficiency cleaning work on your working environment, not only on the floor, but also on your production machine !

If the dust exhibit dust explosiveness, blowing the surface area that cover with dust by using compressed air, or sweeping the floor may create dust cloud that lead to dust explosion hazard !

Call us to understand more on how we can help you to reduce and eliminate dust cleaning related health safety hazard.


Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

True industrial workhorse for your vacuum cleaning work !

These industrial vacuum cleaners built to be more powerful, durable and highly efficient on helping you on cleaning work !

Fume Extraction System

Remove hazardous fume from your soldering process !

We provide both standard or customize fume extraction system to meet your specific requirement, to remove the hazardous fume from the working environment to protect your workers.


Find what you need !

We provide wide range of accessories for dust extraction system as well as vacuum cleaning system, from flexible suction arm to vacuum cleaning hose and attachment.